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Fitness Challenge! - Annual Shape up New Mexico Fitness Challenge (SUNMFC)

Shape UP New Mexico

About The 4th Annual Shape up New Mexico Fitness Challenge (SUNMFC)
The Shape up New Mexico twelve week fitness challenge is about RESULTS! True blue honest results, not a before and after picture. Each participant will undergo full fitness evaluations (before and after) consisting of a body fat test, flexibility (sit & reach), cardiovascular endurance (1.5 mile walk/jog), and strength (pushups & situps). Points have been assigned to measure your progress in each category.
Each participant will also be provided with a diet & workout journal and can score additional points for keeping the journal updated. Tests may be modified if there are any physical limitations. Who ever scores the highest points wins.

Advanced Challenge
Due to popular demand we are introducing an Advanced Challenge. The fitness evaluations for the advanced challenge will include a body fat test, flexibility (sit & reach), cardiovascular endurance (1.5 mile walk/jog) as well as 10 minutes on the stepmill. The strength test will consist of pushups, situps and pull ups

Participants will be provided with a recommended nutrition program and four work out routines, the resources needed to succeed in SUNMFC

Who can enter?
Anyone! Youths, adults, seniors, and groups. Group discounts are available.

The Benefits of Participation
There is nothing like the competitive spirit to bring out the determination to succeed if you are looking for a reason to get off the couch and start eating right this challenge is for YOU! Challenge a friend or co worker.

Absolute Results will offer discounted training packages for SUNMFC participants.

Knowing where your fitness level is,the fitness evaluation process we put you through in order to participate lets you know EXACTLY where you stand.

Prizes: There will be prizes that are TBD.

1. Picture not required
2. Shape up NM is a drug free event. Steroid and pro hormone use is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to drug test any participant at any time during or after the challenge.
3. Each participant must take the fitness evaluation at the beginning and end of the twelve weeks.
4. All participants must accurately fill out all required paperwork.
5. Each participant will have exactly twelve weeks from their start date no exceptions!
6. Dead line to enter September 27th 2009.
7. Entry fees must be paid in full prior to your evaluation. Non members $165.00 and $140.00 for AR members $15.00 discount per person for groups of 6 or more. No refunds
8. Winner will be announced on Dec 31, 2010.

To get started: Just schedule your evaluation starting January 1st 2009. Contact us via our e-mail, please note “12 week challenge” in the e-mail title or call us at 883-3006 to schedule.

Our Philosophy
The Absolute Results philosophy is that it takes a well rounded fitness program (strength, cardiovascular, flexibility, and proper posture) along with a balanced nutrition program to be able to lose weight, tone up, relieve stress and be healthy

There are no magic pills. The only way the human machine can change its “condition” is to change lifestyle habits, i.e. eating and fitness. Acquiring good exercise and eating habits are a must to be a healthy and physically “conditioned” human.

“You are what you eat.” 80% of losing weight and toning muscles is diet. If you are not willing to modify your diet you WILL NOT lose weight. You will always be much healthier if you are working out whether you are dieting or not, but you won’t “lose weight” unless you eat right and you will be MUCH healthier if you follow a clean balanced nutrition program. Our recommended nutrition program consists of good food in the proper portions, vitamins, minerals, lots of water and in some cases protein supplements (for muscle building). In our quest to help our clients become the best they can be, we have become experts in the areas of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. Our program includes teaching you about how the human body functions and helping you truly comprehend and accept the way yours works.